• Produvia Playbook

    We partner with organizations of all sizes to design, develop, and grow their artificial intelligence products.

    This is our playbook.

    We are Produvia. We help companies implement AI solutions, from individual founders who are self-funded, to large multi-national organizations. We also create our own artificial intelligence products.

    This is our playbook. It details how we make successful artificial intelligence products, and also how we run our company. It's filled with things we've learned based on our own experience and study of others' experiences.

    It is a living document that everyone can edit in a public GitHub repo.

  • At Produvia...

    We price projects at a lump sum. The project cost is determined by the number of software components, the complexity of work, and the speed of delivery.

    We don't provide itemized invoices to clients showing individual pieces of work that were done. Clients always know what is happening via access to the project management system (Trello/Github), chat room (Slack), version control system (GitHub), and ongoing communication with our teammates.

    We use an internal app to manage our schedule and availability. We don't track time, but we do plan in week increments.

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